always the v.i.l.l.a.i.n.

Tuesday Aug 12 @ 02:19pm
Tuesday Jul 29 @ 02:38pm

Anonymous said: hey you long time, finally a post.

Sorry! I promise I’ll start updating again!

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 02:36pm

I promised myself I’ll start this again & I hope it’s one of those realistic goals and not an ambitious dream.

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 02:34pm
Monday Dec 2 @ 07:20pm
Monday Dec 2 @ 07:18pm

I want to go back.


Monday Dec 2 @ 07:13pm

hello world.

Monday Dec 2 @ 06:59pm
just cause.

just cause.

Monday Jun 3 @ 11:18am
Monday Jun 3 @ 11:11am

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